Create Task- 5/14, final post!

Hello! I am all complete with my create task!! I finished my written responses, my video, and saved everything as PDF (code and written responses). I turned it into college board! Thank you for all your help! :) I had a great year.

Create Task 5/13, middle post

I have written parts 2a and 2b and I have finished my program completely. I hope to get the rest sorted out on Google meet tomorrow which includes writing part 2c and 2d (a brief overview), taking a video of my program running and to save my program as a PDF. I am very happy that I am almost done with this project!

Create Task: 5/12, Middle Blog Post

Hello! It has been awhile! I just finished typing out and tweaking my create task using my ice cream template and I am not going to go on to the writing portion of the project to start to wrap things up. Later today or tomorrow morning, I plan to finish the written portion of the assignment and turn it in! Woohoo!

Create Task Blog #1

Today, I am finally starting on my create task! I have decided that I am going to be using the ice cream 4 lab as a template but change the theme of the program. Instead of an ice cream shop, I am going to make it a bucket list where users can give an input on what things are on their bucket list and what things they have already completed (by using the pydata feature). Today, I plan to make a new file for my create task and begin to work on changing the program in order to have it match my bucket list idea. Tomorrow I plan to make the finishing touches on my program and begin the writing portion of the assignment.

Amazon and Ring Lawsuit

Whose problem is this- the owners (users) or the vendors (manufacturers) ?
What are the next steps for the IOT (Internet of Things) industry?

I think in this case, it is the vendors problem. They should make their data and security very secure since this is such a personal device by being inside homes and doors. There is really nothing that the users could do to prevent people from hacking in - obviously when you are buying a security item you are expecting it to be safe and secure enough to not be hacked into. Although this is a technological invention, Ring should have made the product with the notion that their buyers may not be well versed in technology and made this a secure device. I think that the IOT should use this as a lesson to make their devices must safer and secure so that future problems like this can be prevented.

Self- Driving Mercedes Response

I think that self driving cars definitely have some extreme pros and cons. I do agree with the engineers point of view when they say how self driving cars could eliminate many other potential deaths due to careless human drivers and that also, in the situation that a fatal accident occurs, the outcome might be the same if not worse if there was a human driving. However, it is very a tough decision when figuring out what to do in a circumstance where death might be likely. I do think that saving the driver is a valid choice because like ti says in the article, ""If you know you can save at least one person, at least save that one'", which would be the one in the car.

Wednesday, December 18

Yesterday I finished up all of my 2c and d and I completed all of my formal writing. Today I will write 2a and 2e, and compile my video and complete 2b by the end of tomorrow.